The Laze-Blade!

I added a new power-up to Final Storm today. The Laze Blade is a REALLY long blade that sweeps around your ship for about 6 seconds destroying everything in it's path. This provides a quick way to clear a swarm of enemies though a keen observer will see that I take a hit to my shields in the GIF below. Thus, the player is not invulnerable but can deal some serious damage with this weapon.

With a little more than 2 weeks left for release I'll be focusing on testing of course and these 2 items from here on out.

1 - Optimizations - I have done ZERO work on optimization at this point and I want to make sure that lower end computers still have a very nice experience. This also opens options up for mobile. There are many places where I'm making more draw calls than needed and I can reduce them by at least 30% I think. Another area is memory pooling. Each bullet and particle is being instanced right now and that's not necessary and extremely wasteful on the CPU - so I'll be addressing that. Finally - I'm using way more physics components than needed so some of those will be cleaned up. In the end this should allow for a buttery smooth experience on lower end hardware (that's my goal at least).

2 - Bosses and/or another gameplay mode - It's definitely fun to challenge yourself and push yourself to the brink of rage quits with the game as it stands, but I'd like to introduce another few elements of gameplay. I've considered bosses and have a few ideas for them, but need to consider how the mechanics of those battles will occur. I also have considered other gameplay modes within the game. 

The game is feeling more and more complete. I'm very excited to drive it to the finish line over these next few weeks!

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